FOHN On Location – Activation Products Production Facility: Makers of Oceans Alive & Magnesium Infusion

TheFutureOfHealthNow May 14, 2013 8

We take Health Very Seriously…

So Seriously that we jump at an opportunity to visit the manufacturing facilities of the products that we want to share with you…

This was the very first “on location” FOHN visit.

Activation products is a family run business out of two little towns Colborne & Castleton in Ontario Canada. They are the manufacturers of three of my favorite health products.

Magnesium Infusion 

Oceans Alive

& a seed oil product that they’ve yet to release… however fortunately I’ve been able to have a sneak peek first look :O)

“…Old “Clark” Had a Farm…”

Ian Clark is far from old :O)… He’s one of the most open & sharp minded men of his age I know.

He and his family of 9 live in a beautiful rural farming town here in Ontario Canada, Colborne.

Ian and his wife Priscilla have 7 children 6 cows, 4 cats, 3 horses and 1 dog.

All of them work in the family business Activation Products. They’re all very health conscious and do everything that they can to ensure the highest quality, purest ingredients and real science influence every aspect of the products they produce and make available to you. 

They also do everything they can within their own lifestyles. They’ve tried everything from going Raw Vegan (apparently that didn’t work out too well for them but they lasted a few months) to Anthony (the eldest son) hunting his very own Moose up here in Canada which helps feed the family for quite some time.

They milk their own cows and enjoy all the “raw” benefits there. They purchase organic eggs from a neighbour farmer, Anthony has one of the largest most organized and neatly labelled collections of herbs flowers and spices to make tea with… (The first day I arrived here Anthony was wearing a shirt “Make Tea Not War”). They use raw organic whey protein to make breakfast smoothies for everyone and have on hand one of the largest super food collections I’ve ever seen.. (Rivaling even the great David & Yemiah Favor over at

All in all it really is a pleasant experience to get to know the people that are behind the products that we are putting into our bodies. 

I take Activation Products Oceans Alive & Magnesium Infusion every day. They both represent products at the absolute height of their industry.

How It All Began… Tragedy Turned Fortune

Ian Clark around the age of 46 was physically totally falling apart.

He unfortunately unexpectedly found himself in a very life threatening situation..

When he started to try and fix things it began what was to become an uphill battle for the next 2 years.. An extremely dangerous situation where he needed to find solutions to fix his health..

Ian being a farmer shared with me “… I needed to discover all of the bad seeds & plants that were producing the negative health results showing up in my life.. I needed to uproot them clean and regenerate the soil and plant a whole new crop that would eventually produce the results I so desperately needed. I wanted to be a healthy 51 year old that could continue to be there for my family… If I was going to get healthy I wanted to be SUPER healthy.. So from 2009>2013 thats what’s been going on.”

So in January of 2007 Ian Clark began Activation Products to find whole food health solution tools that would embody the highest quality purest ingredients and real science to produce Life & Energy. 

And boy did he find them… I always remark and share with others in the health world in casual conversations that “…Ian Clark is a magnet for incredible health products”. 

FOHN SBOA Approved

Recently our FOHN SBOA advisory team member Gaye McDonald produced a Free report on Magnesium  for you our FOHN global community member on the necessity and benefits of magnesium in your body.

 Going To Great Lengths For Your Health

Here at FOHN we’re committed to providing to the best of our ability that each and every product service and piece of health information we share with you has been validated and contains sufficient scientific and evidence based research. We appreciate claims, need the evidence and then do our own research via our FOHN SBOA (Hyperlink to FOHN SBOA page) and only after believing that you can trust something do we then share it with you.

In this case we had already done this for 2 of the Activation Products.. When Ian Clark offered for me to come visit and visit the production facility I jumped at the opportunity to do a real live in person inspection of their operations.. I already held the Activation Products family in high regard however this trip really helped to further validate that in my mind.

I can share with you now after having visited their facilities that this family and company are going out of their way.. above and beyond the call of duty.. to provide you with the greatest most effective products for your health and vitality that they can. 

I’m proud to recommend you look further into the incredible value that both of these products will bring into your life..

Careful though as Oceans Alive can be very addictive :O)

Here are some links where you can find out more about each product:

Magnesium Infusion

Oceans Alive

Do You Currently Use Supplements? 

If so would you like for the FOHN team to perform some research to find out if they’re helping or actually hurting you? If so let us know in the comments section below.. and we’ll let the vital health journey begin!

Be Well!

To your health!



The Future Of Health NOW Team


  1. Darin May 15, 2013 at 5:30 am - Reply

    I currently take Green Vibrance made by Vibrant Health…think it’s actually good?

  2. Vickie Adams May 15, 2013 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    If so would you like for the FOHN team to perform some research to find out if they’re helping or actually hurting you? Yes!

  3. larry comer May 16, 2013 at 10:40 pm - Reply

    Diagnosed with ALS Jan. 2012 that affected my ability to talk and walk. Can your products help?

    • TheFutureOfHealthNow August 15, 2013 at 4:26 am - Reply

      Larry, I’m so sorry to hear that. Good Nutrition is always a good thing. These products deliver great nutritional value.

      Be Well

  4. Sharon October 24, 2013 at 5:33 am - Reply

    Any news on “double helix” water products.

  5. Tim Manning December 12, 2013 at 8:18 pm - Reply

    I am currently taking Athletic Greens Super food Cocktail by Athletic Greens from Chris “the kiwi”. Could the FOHN team do some research to see if this is helping me? I’ve been taking it daily for 10 months now but I don’t know that I feel any different.

  6. Tim Manning December 12, 2013 at 8:28 pm - Reply

    First you say Magnesium Infusion is everything one could ever need. Then you come out with Oceans Alive and now you have this seed oil Panaseeda. Would one need to take all three or would that be overkill?

  7. Elsie February 19, 2014 at 7:37 pm - Reply

    Using Oceans Alive, my 6th bottle on auto ship every 3 mos. 3 bottles, not so good because it is so fishy smelling but I got to do away with it by using Melaleuca Activate C. I use other Green , Barley Life, use the Garden Trio which is a combination of Barley Life, ( Green Leaf powder) Just Carrots and Redibeets. Used also Ningxia Red, and I incorporate the Oceans ALive. I use also Magnesium Spray, but other Brand, Since I am a Distributor of AIM Products, since the early 90′s and my Garden Trio and Magnesium, we carry it. and I am also a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor which carry also Supplements infused with Essentual Oils. and the OMega 3 I use from Aim ANd Young Living. so I just use Activation’s Oceans Alive. so far. and still use the products that I usually used, for your info, I am 75 and 6 mos. no prescription drugs nor over the counter drugs just supplements from my favorite suppliers, including Life Extension , HSI and etc.

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